CO2 friendly Solutions we owe that to our children and grandchildren 

Peeping Gennem en Leaf

Environmentally safe solutions

Danish production & Danish design at its best.


Growth is good for mankind, but growth requires thought. 

Scandoor uses the most advanced CO2 saving robot technology within the industry 

We have extremely high demands for production and content of our MDF-plates when it comes to sustainability. 

Our products contain a minimum of 90% tree, water and wax. 


Scandoor wants to be a market leader when it comes to environmentally friendly solutions. We are doing our absolute best every day in order to grow. 

Often it is not the economy that decides whether or not a company is environmentally safe. Often it can be done by simple restructures of production. 

In the end, it can give greater price reductions for the customer, which can then only be considered a win-win situation for everybody. 


In most cases, Scandoor is able to deliver a price of   Saving up to 50% of a comparable installation, whether that is kitchen, wardrobe, closets, bathroom furniture, or other relevant refurbishments. 


Our top professional fitters can install, while you are at work.


                      You can safely say goodbye to your old kitchen. 

                           Eat dinner in your new Scandoor kitchen. 


                           Scandoor cares about the environment