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We train you, We teach you, We invest in you, We make a succes out of you


Scandoor Group is facing a large expansion, both in existing Scandinavian markets, but also new European markets. 


As a franchisee in Scandoor Group , you will get the full support through your training period, both with the education of a well-tested concept, but also the establishment of your own business. 


Your location is predetermined by Scandoor Group.


As a franchisee in other groups like Burger King, McDonald, Bauhaus etc, it is normal that you have to make an insignificant investment, many times in the region of  200€- 300.000€ 

If we believe you have what it takes to be a part of our team, we will invest in you, and not the other way around.

We know that you will be successful after your training, and to us it does not make sense that you have to invest money in a business and thereby lock the liquid assets you may have. 


Are you ready to do the job, and complete our high educational demands with satisfying results, then your business will be ready to be used, all set up by us. 

We build your website, your personal e-mail address, advise and set up your accounting program, advise you about investments and invest in local marketing, give you the necessary programs to create orders from your customers with a customer database.


Scandoor provides you with safe and precise delivery from our factory, so that our primary goal is achieved, namely that the customer always gets his or her new product on time. 


You will get access to our international chat forum, so that you can chat across borders with other Scandoor Group franchisees. 

Here you can get information and inspiration about good and well tested ideas.

Here you have the opportunity to discuss new ideas, and also be in contact with successful colleagues across borders. 


Scandoor Group supports our franchisees with massive marketing promotions through “all” relevant media. 


Driving license and car is necessary in order to carry out the daily operation. The same is required when it comes to knowledge and use of PCs, and Internet. 

If you are interested in meeting us for a further talk, or look for more information, please send a message to our educational department. 


Scandoor Groups Educational Center 

Continuing education will occur every six months. It will never stop


No persons work in Scandoor does not matter. 

Every individual who works for, or, in Scandoor Group, has a key role. 


Only that way do we ensure that the customer in the end has a good positive experience, and is happy about having chosen Scandoor Group as their supplier. 

Scandoor Group’s goal is that the customers get the best quality products, the best fitters, the on time complete delivery, the smiling customer service, the best advisor, the best consultants and the best price.